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Our aim is us to redefine fabric industry in India to better serve national and international customers by giving them a peace of mind by supplying quality fabrics at cost effective prices which will unable to boost their business by maximizing profits and reliabiltity.



Our fabric business started in 1993 and with over 27 year's of experience and serving more than 1 lakh clients we can truly fulfill any requirement from our customers. We do have a special affection for knits. Our commitment is to deliver on time and quality.   

Two workers factory textile inspecting a



Our fabrics goes through various checkpoints before delivering them to you.

  • Every order goes through color fastness check so color doesn't bleed when used

  • GSM is checked for each and every order before supplying

  • Pattern and grain checked for irregularities

  • Shrinkage of each fabric is checked and compared to match industry norms. 

  • No patches, defects and minimum needle holes for best quality fabrics. 

  • Anti-moisture and dust packed and shipped with respective invoices and fabric info for customer to avoid any damage in transit to fabric.  

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